Gardening is the practice of growing plants and cultivating them as part of horticulture. Many people consider it as a relaxing activity, but it is hardly a straightforward practice since it takes one’s dedication and skills. Having your own garden is very important because it builds up confidence and experience that you can apply in handling the plants. There are 5 things about gardening that most people do not know. However, if you are such kind of person who does not know these 5 things, then you do not have to worry any more since this article will exclusively explore them.

5 things about Gardening

There is a high rate of failure

There are high chances of your crops to get soil borne diseases and pest the more you plant. Notably, some plants do not just grow no matter what you do because the Mother Nature decides if she wants to calm down and relax or not. However, failures are just challenges that you need to overcome since you will be experiencing them every year due to various issues.

It is dirty and slimy

In the garden, you will be dealing with soil. In addition, you will be dealing with manure or any other sort of fertilizer that stinks and gets slimy. Handling and mixing dirt are very common in the garden and there is no way you can overcome it. Before the end of the season, the plants need protection and maintenance that will eventually make you sweat and bleed in case of a minor injury. Therefore, your hands will never get fully clean and your nails will be ruined.

It leads to other projects

You can start your garden with a cold frame, and then move to greenhouse, the composter, and additions to the outside of the greenhouse. If you live on a property you actually own, there would be the chicken coop, rabbit hutch, run, and any other fun side project that goes along with them. Therefore, gardening is a larger cycle and you will keep going without realizing it. In addition, it is important to have other projects since you will build up your area over time, hence leading to a wealth of knowledge and increased tangible productivity.

Food standards are ruined

Once you have harvested fresh vegetables from your own garden, the vegetables you had bought and stored will now become awful. Canned foods you have been buying and eating for a long period will be no longer good enough for you. These harvested fresh vegetables from your own garden are 100% organic and chemical free.

It is never done

You may have a few weeks without sprouting seeds, planting, harvesting, or processing your harvest, but this does not mean you are done with gardening. For the whole year, it is true that you will rest only for a few weeks. During these few weeks, you will also be researching for new stuff to plant, adding more projects for another greenhouse, and thinking about what needs to be done next. Therefore, gardening is addictive and will always need your dedication.

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