Five things about design


Design is theoretical idea that is personal in nature. Here are some of the concepts that should be put in place to guide designers in the correct direction. All that being mentioned I would like to outline five amazing design ideas that each designer should practice.

  1. Design is more than Visual
    It has over and over again been wrong to put it as the only visual element of a website. But that is mostly untruthful. It constitutes the whole user experience, immediately they go into your website, till the time they are out. Starting from the speed at which your site runs the relations between hover, swiftness at which you give latest content and features and lastly, the ‘how’ and ‘why’ people desire to use your site. For that reason, this should not be limited to a designer only. Anyone carrying on a design project should think about design – right from the copywriter, the SEO expert, the functionality guru, scripter and even project manager.
  2. User should be another centre of your attention.
    Best User is your most priority. Your design should let users to attain their goals well, faster and comfortably. Attempt using storytelling, personas and other such methods to access the minds of your users and work out what they wish for to carry out on your site. These guiding principles are essential and should control all you design decisions.


  1. Attention to Detail
    a high-quality design can be made stunning with some first-class aged fashioned attention to detail. Focusing on slight things means the important variation between a happy user and a discontented one. Small things like the correct shade of cyan or font makes matters mostly. The lone thing is that it is very simple to get carried away with interest to detail. This could in the long run lead to it being long and can slow down the delivery process. As a designer, you need to set time on when to pay attention on specific details and when to think about the bigger picture.
  2. Sketch
    Sketching are inexpensive, simple to do and can be carried out really fast. This is an essential design idea that aids you consider aspects such as flow, chain of command and content. Great practices for sketching should generate a new idea every 30 seconds. Also you can communicate thoughts about user understanding, knowledge, layout and user flow fine with sketch. If you can communicate without a doubt through sketches, you’re on your level best.
  3. Breather White Space
    best use of white space is a valuable design thought is that gives users a split break from all the noise. The breaks are very important to carry out information, particularly when there’s lot out there to take hold of. Paragraphs instead of long, tiresome blocks of text are vital to give users a visual breather. Ensure that the white space is in inline with the other things on your webpage. For example, if there is a column of white space someplace on the page, certify there’s another one to stabilize it. This uniformity is significant for excellent design.
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