5 things about Architecture

In case you didn’t know, architecture is the art and science of planning and designing physical structures. Architects are also involved in the construction of the structures. An architect considers technical, functional, aesthetic, social and environmental factors to come up with the best designs. The planning aspect of architecture encompasses construction administration, cost estimation and scheduling. When it comes to designing, architects prepare documentation that consists of technical specifications, plans and drawings. Generally, architecture is a broad field that encompasses many things. Here 5 more things about architecture.

Architecture requires strong analytical skills.
The title may not suggest that strong analytical skills are needed in this field. But the truth of the matter is that people aspiring to study architecture should have strong math skills. In order to come up with sound designs, architects must use rigorous mathematical equations. The fact that universities admit students with excellent math scores to study architecture is enough to prove that strong analytical skills are required in this field.

Architecture requires significant education and experience.
Architecture is a professional field that requires you to receive a higher education. If you want to get the right education, you should pursue a bachelor’s degree in architecture from a college or university. You should be prepared to study hard because the courses are not that simple and come with a lot work. After completing your studies, you should keep updating your knowledge and skills as the field is dynamic. On the side of experience, you should start by doing internships to get the much needed exposure. Throughout your career, you should strive to gain as much experience as possible.

Sustainable architecture is the way to go today.
The construction industry has never been friendly to the environment and natural resources. Some emerging issues like climate change and diminishing resources have been caused by poor construction methods. Nowadays, architects are considering the use of sustainable construction methods to protect the earth. Today, there is the use of energy saving designs, featuring solar electric, wind power and geothermal. Also, architects are recommending the use of sustainable construction materials and techniques. On the side of environment, architectural professionals are advocating for the adoption of environment-friendly building activities, like the use biodegradable materials.

Architecture jobs are tedious and detail oriented.
An architect works with other professionals like engineers, quantity surveyors and interior designers. He or she must engage these professionals when developing plans and designs. The work of creating plans and designs is itself demanding and tiresome. You have to get into details for your project to work and get accepted. Most architects are usually worried about whether or not their designs will succeed. Nothing is more tedious than analyzing too many small details when you are worried.

Architecture is an evolving field.
As mentioned earlier, this field is dynamic. With the development of new technologies, more architectural creativities and innovations will emerge in the future. One interesting concept is “Healing Architecture”. Architects will use this concept to design healthcare facilities that will promote faster healing of patients. It is anticipated that these professionals will use lighting, sounds, smells, textures and colors to develop more desirable structures.

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