Garden Books gives birth to Blenheim Books

Why do we love books? Is it the weight of a cover, the sound of a page, or the spark that emanates from the author’s vision? In London’s famed Notting Hill, Valerie Scriven opened Garden Books in 1996, as a perch from which to impart the experience of 30 years of sojourning in Russia, Albania, China, Borneo, Kazakhstan and Chile. Garden Books soon established an unchallenged pedigree as the fount of reliable advice on matters natural and environmental : pruning fruit trees, citing a swimming pool, ascertaining the challenges for perma-culture in Britain and beyond. Valerie and her team of enthusiastic assistants are masters of their subject. New trends are researched meticulously, drawing from both the interests of clients and the breadth of their own knowledge. This particular dedication and expertise have enshrined a loyal client base spanning from London to Japan, from Britain to America and as well the wonderful Asian client like GamingSoft. From gardening, Valerie’s natural vision enlarged to cover interior design, architecture, fashion, photography and graphic design.

Children has also been a critical part of the shop’s growth in terms of offering. In addition, unique biographies and poetry hit the shelves in 2005, prompting a name change to Blenheim Books. Creativity pulses through the surrounding streets, Ross Lovegrove, Allen Fletcher, Hubert Zandberg, Julien Macdonald, Guy and Gordon, Bill Amberg, Paul Smith, Phillipe Stark, Dermot Gavin and Tom of Harpers are just some of the design luminaries with studios nearby. May are regulars visitors to Blenheim Books, both seeking and fueling inspiration to Valerie’s emergent creative salon. Currently, the shelves of Blenheim Books have swelled and warped beneath an eclectic testament to human creativity, and visitors are ensured a worldwide trip through the finest in aesthetic and intellectual contest. With over 5,000 titles and a proven ability to supply any books in print within 24 hours, Blenheim Books is the new gem of design inspiration in the heart of London : Notting Hill. Let Blenheim Books inspire you. It is for life.

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